Cinnamon Powder (dar chinni Powder) 50g

Cinnamon Powder (dar chinni Powder) 50g


  • Gold Tree Millers Cinnamon Powder 50g (Dar Chinni)
  • It controls blood pressure, full of antioxidants
  • Cinnamon powder, also known as dar Chinni powder, is a popular spice that is widely used in cooking and baking. Gold Tree’s 50g pack of cinnamon powder is a high-quality product that is made from premium-quality cinnamon sticks.
  • The cinnamon powder is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties that make it a great addition to your daily diet. It is also known to aid in digestion and help regulate blood sugar levels.
  • The Gold Tree cinnamon powder has a sweet and warm flavor that is perfect for adding to coffee, tea, oatmeal, and baked goods. It can also be used to make various savory dishes, such as curries and stews.
  • The packaging of the cinnamon powder is convenient and easy to use. The 50g pack is perfect for home use and can be stored easily in your pantry.
  • Overall, Gold Tree’s cinnamon powder is a high-quality product that is perfect for adding flavor and health benefits to your diet.
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Experience the Aromatic Magic: Gold Tree Millers’ Cinnamon Powder

 Welcome to Gold Tree Millers, where we bring you the enchanting world of Cinnamon Powder – a fragrant spice celebrated for its culinary and therapeutic virtues. Delight your senses and explore the diverse uses and benefits of our premium Cinnamon Powder.

Cinnamon Powder – A Spice of Distinction

Uncover the unique characteristics and benefits of our carefully crafted Cinnamon Powder.

 Cinnamon Powder in Urdu – دار چینی کا پاؤڈر

Discover the aromatic essence of Cinnamon Powder with its Urdu name – “دار چینی کا پاؤڈر.”

Exploring the Health Benefits

 Delve into the various health benefits that make Cinnamon Powder a valuable addition to your daily routine.

 Cinnamon Powder Benefits – Nature’s Wellness Elixir

Experience the wellness benefits of Cinnamon Powder, known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

 Cinnamon Protein Powder – Nutrient-Rich Blend

Explore the fusion of health and flavor with our Cinnamon Protein Powder, a versatile addition to your dietary regimen.

 How Much Cinnamon Powder Per Day? – Balanced Consumption

Understand the recommended daily intake of Cinnamon Powder to harness its benefits without excess.

Culinary and Therapeutic Uses

 Unleash the versatility of Cinnamon Powder with its myriad of applications.

 Uses of Cinnamon Powder for Skin – Natural Radiance

Discover the skincare benefits as we explore the uses of Cinnamon Powder for skin, promoting a natural glow.

 Cinnamon Powder and Honey for Cough – Soothing Elixir

Experience the soothing power of our Cinnamon Powder and Honey for cough, a time-honored remedy.

 Cinnamon Powder Tea – A Sip of Comfort

Indulge in the warmth and comfort of our Cinnamon Powder Tea, a delightful beverage with potential health perks.

Cinnamon Powder for Acne – Clear Skin Naturally

Harness the anti-inflammatory properties of Cinnamon Powder to address acne and promote clearer skin.

 How to Use Cinnamon Powder – Culinary Brilliance

Explore creative ways to incorporate Cinnamon Powder into your daily meals, desserts, and beverages.

 Understanding Cinnamon Powder in Urdu

 Delve into the linguistic charm as we explore the meanings and nuances of Cinnamon Powder in Urdu.

 Cinnamon Powder in Urdu Meaning – لشکر

Uncover the cultural richness of Cinnamon Powder with its meaning in Urdu – “لشکر.”

 Cinnamon Powder in Pakistan – Quality at Your Doorstep

 Experience the premium quality of our Cinnamon Powder, sourced and processed to perfection.

 Cinnamon Powder Pakistan – A Fragrant Offering

Discover the aromatic charm of our Cinnamon Powder, proudly made and available in Pakistan.

 Conclusion – Elevate Your Culinary and Wellness Journey with Gold Tree Millers’ Cinnamon Powder


Embark on a flavorful and healthful journey with Gold Tree Millers’ Cinnamon Powder. From enhancing your culinary creations to reaping the benefits for your well-being, our premium Cinnamon Powder promises a symphony of taste and wellness. Order now and savor the aromatic magic that only the finest Cinnamon Powder can bring.


Weight 50 g


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